I explored your awful minecraft worlds...

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Exploring Your Worlds in Minecraft


  1. Djay T.

    Djay T.6 päivää sitten

    Editor turned into Alexa

  2. Djay T.

    Djay T.6 päivää sitten

    Wh- what's uh what's the... what's the deal with airline food?

  3. Gale Gilliam

    Gale Gilliam9 päivää sitten

    I wanna see Carson when he got data moshed

  4. yobread

    yobread10 päivää sitten

    Well recommend after a year...

  5. mrRollingStock

    mrRollingStock10 päivää sitten

    hey editor open chest for secret plan to end the misfits secret plan

  6. Phantoslayer

    Phantoslayer11 päivää sitten

    The thumbnail aged poorly

  7. Mr. L

    Mr. L12 päivää sitten

    Carson: *Mentions woman* Comment section: STOP YOU'RE BREAKING THE LAW

  8. garfield

    garfield13 päivää sitten

    I really want to animate that part where they talk about airline food

  9. Cool Saf

    Cool Saf13 päivää sitten

    Well that thumbnail aged poorly

  10. Simon Wells

    Simon Wells12 päivää sitten

    @Presa true that

  11. Presa

    Presa12 päivää sitten

    I expected a comment like this. everyone is so predictable

  12. Jungus Fungus

    Jungus Fungus13 päivää sitten

    This is the longest and funniest 22 minutes of my life.

  13. Wafflenator The fifth

    Wafflenator The fifth13 päivää sitten

    The title

  14. Wafflenator The fifth

    Wafflenator The fifth13 päivää sitten

    @Sorera just funy

  15. Sorera

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  16. Timon Heidema

    Timon Heidema13 päivää sitten

    15:24 this one did not age well

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  19. Thiccd0inks

    Thiccd0inks15 päivää sitten

    This didn’t age well.....

  20. Dumb Videos

    Dumb Videos15 päivää sitten

    How exactly

  21. Ash Kelly

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  22. furkan can karakaş

    furkan can karakaş17 päivää sitten

    8:35 that actually sounds really nice

  23. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson18 päivää sitten

    Good editing why didn't we have this guy for the Christmas editing requests stream.

  24. Dandii

    Dandii20 päivää sitten

    what's wrong with 8:45 ? i genuinely don't know what's up

  25. Dandii

    Dandii15 päivää sitten

    @Wildred557 oh thank you

  26. Wildred557

    Wildred55715 päivää sitten

    He's making a joke about the marijuana leaf in the background

  27. Bier B

    Bier B20 päivää sitten

    This video taught me that Mr. Editor is unironically good at animating

  28. MaLeah Bouch

    MaLeah Bouch21 päivä sitten

    Awe shit wait. Should I not be subscribed?

  29. Ferris Spilker

    Ferris Spilker21 päivä sitten

    14:39 I like how hes gernerally mad. Angry little christian >:) wanna band up and smoke this boy out

  30. BustedDiamond

    BustedDiamond21 päivä sitten

    The aware schedule formerly scream because cast family suck out a belligerent sense. feeble feigned, nauseating lawyer

  31. Refh

    Refh21 päivä sitten

    "Hey Winston, whats the deal with airline christians?"

  32. mmdabeast plays

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  33. Emma Lachman

    Emma Lachman23 päivää sitten

    im sorry carson im high as fuck

  34. Vaigue

    Vaigue23 päivää sitten

    Editor will be the new Alexa in 2021

  35. AmbassadorX

    AmbassadorX24 päivää sitten

    8:45 why did they leave

  36. jeramequia

    jeramequia29 päivää sitten

    I smoke weed and I'm subscribed

  37. Hayden Meyers

    Hayden MeyersUukausi sitten

    What’s the deal with airline food? -god or something

  38. Nichole Carpenter

    Nichole CarpenterUukausi sitten

    What’s the deal with airline weed?

  39. Priəst Møøn Møøn

    Priəst Møøn MøønUukausi sitten

    I thought his name was its jews

  40. Charlie Laffoon

    Charlie LaffoonUukausi sitten

    Almost shot myself during the Airline bit. 'Twas a close one.

  41. XxLegitScopesxX

    XxLegitScopesxXUukausi sitten

    Ummm😬 i smoke weed while watching ur video's awkward

  42. Weston Lorenzini

    Weston LorenziniUukausi sitten


  43. Extreme Anti-Chad

    Extreme Anti-ChadUukausi sitten

    This was just about airline food, monke and Christians and the editor. It was about 0.01 percent minecraft

  44. Noah Rojas

    Noah RojasUukausi sitten

    Hey editor, sing “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys.

  45. Barrows Altha

    Barrows AlthaUukausi sitten

    The tangy owner inadvertently hurry because forgery maternally film since a testy sand. miscreant, lavish slime

  46. Kristoffer Hansen

    Kristoffer HansenUukausi sitten

    I've been lied to.


    ΔUΓΘΓΛ ΒΟΓΣΛLΙS - Ω-46Uukausi sitten

    The car thing, I'd say driveline issue.


    ΔUΓΘΓΛ ΒΟΓΣΛLΙS - Ω-4621 päivä sitten

    @im kam no thanks :)

  49. im kam

    im kam22 päivää sitten

    shut up furry

  50. Sargent ghost

    Sargent ghostUukausi sitten

    15:17 *me sitting stoned*

  51. TheHawth

    TheHawthUukausi sitten

    8:26 Where can I get an Auto-Tune button?

  52. Jack The Geat

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  53. ッJeck Zafado

    ッJeck ZafadoUukausi sitten

    13:57 lmao

  54. Pathfinder

    PathfinderUukausi sitten

    God has entered Carson’s chat

  55. Freddy Weeed

    Freddy WeeedUukausi sitten

    Me : smoking weed that was medically appointed to me by my doctor in Canada Carson: iLLEGAL

  56. thomas wilson

    thomas wilsonUukausi sitten

    And so Thomas fell into great depression as he lay in bed watching a video wondering what the deal with airline food truly was. He never did hear a punchline and died of anticipation.

  57. Boosted Ape

    Boosted ApeUukausi sitten

    Poor editor man

  58. aceynth

    aceynthUukausi sitten

    ok what the fuck is erp season 3

  59. Sebasti0n

    Sebasti0nUukausi sitten

    Everyone asks hey editor, but no one asks how's the editor....

  60. N1hil

    N1hilUukausi sitten

    if you are on desktop, press "9" on your numpad, thank me later

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    Dust BudUukausi sitten

    has to unsub because smoked the weed sorry carson

  63. Your average hetalia guide

    Your average hetalia guideUukausi sitten

    there’s just something threatening about someone doing a Winston voice and saying “Remember, Winston is real!”

  64. ok this is epic

    ok this is epicUukausi sitten

    What IS the deal with airline food

  65. kermit, but with a juice box

    kermit, but with a juice boxUukausi sitten

    Why would you not call the podcast “the Godcast” seems like a missed opportunity to me but ok

  66. Evelyn Arnett

    Evelyn ArnettUukausi sitten

    Antbody else notice the thing of vasaline?

  67. Science pod

    Science podUukausi sitten

    So like what is the deal with airline food

  68. Science pod

    Science podUukausi sitten

    Best ad ever

  69. VO3_BigPizza_YT

    VO3_BigPizza_YTUukausi sitten

    Dragon city legit just looks like dragonvale

  70. RickToons

    RickToonsUukausi sitten


  71. Vitamin-YT /Fortnite

    Vitamin-YT /FortniteUukausi sitten

    I hate that he didn’t call it godscast

  72. YaBoiJuJuBear

    YaBoiJuJuBearUukausi sitten

    channel 78 carlson

  73. Gekkou3485

    Gekkou3485Uukausi sitten

    Back because the thumbnail changed

  74. Anthony Mix

    Anthony MixUukausi sitten

    but i smoke a shit ton of weed yk

  75. HappyDissappointment

    HappyDissappointmentUukausi sitten

    french subtitles are on point. good job editor.

  76. Normal Person

    Normal PersonUukausi sitten

    alternate title: Carson bullies his editor

  77. _jedi_

    _jedi_Uukausi sitten

    Nobody: My notifications after clicking on a random website: Hot singles in your area

  78. GreyToons

    GreyToonsUukausi sitten

    Why did he have to leave the world all of a sudden?

  79. Jcunj

    JcunjUukausi sitten

    Just, 1:19

  80. LittleRat Guy

    LittleRat GuyUukausi sitten

    Hey editor what’s the deal with airline food

  81. cheesecake_exe

    cheesecake_exeUukausi sitten

    Carson:"no one would do that cause it's illegal!!" Me:*laughs in Oregonian*

  82. Psyco 14

    Psyco 14Uukausi sitten

    Shit, do I have to unsub if high rn?

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    Mads DamUukausi sitten

    Hot singles in your chunk

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    Joshua SanfordUukausi sitten

    whats the deal with airline food

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  86. Kado Harp

    Kado HarpUukausi sitten

    Æ æ

  87. Zeke Needy

    Zeke NeedyUukausi sitten

    Why does the "what the deal with airline food" skit sound like a Joe Rogan podcast?

  88. FlamesOfAFox

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  89. Ronu

    RonuUukausi sitten

    Accidental haiku at 16:16 _I'm not a monkey_ _I'm a monkey oo oo ah_ _ah oo oo ah ah_

  90. SomeWhatSavageGaming

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  91. Short Snort

    Short SnortUukausi sitten

    Carson saw weed and realized that the server was no bible study server, it was the devils trap

  92. The Clorex

    The ClorexUukausi sitten

    Is Carson the only youtuber sponsored by dragon city that didn’t get his own dragon?

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    AstroSlothUukausi sitten

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    Noah MaloneyUukausi sitten

    Macro´s honestly one of my favorite FItitlers ngl

  95. SOT_Toxic

    SOT_ToxicUukausi sitten

    I fking love his damn laugh lmaoooooo

  96. Jonah Kiehn

    Jonah KiehnUukausi sitten

    Bible verses? Sure. The word of the LORD came to Jonah son of Amittai: Go at once to Nineveh, that great city, and proclaim judgment upon it; for their wickedness has come before Me. Jonah, however, started out to flee to Tarshish from the LORD’S service. He went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish. He paid the fare and went aboard to sail with the others to Tarshish, away from the service of the LORD. But the LORD cast a mighty wind upon the sea, and such a great tempest came upon the sea that the ship was in danger of breaking up. In their fright, the sailors cried out, each to his own god; and they flung the ship’s cargo overboard to make it lighter for them. Jonah, meanwhile, had gone down into the hold of the vessel, where he lay down and fell asleep. The captain went over to him and cried out, “How can you be sleeping so soundly! Up, call upon your god! 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  97. ColdNights

    ColdNightsUukausi sitten

    Love how he's on the brink of laughing during the entire ad.

  98. EarthMagic YT

    EarthMagic YTUukausi sitten

    hey guys, whats the deal with airline food?

  99. The official OBAMA

    The official OBAMAUukausi sitten

    Obama, thats my favorite guy.

  100. Michael keaton

    Michael keatonUukausi sitten

    As a French it was really disturbing seeing subtitle in french appear out of no where

  101. Sebbe _Cool_123

    Sebbe _Cool_123Uukausi sitten

    i remember when i had dragon sity i was so good but i deleted it

  102. Spooky_giraffe

    Spooky_giraffeUukausi sitten

    hey, i have a question...... whats the deal with airline food

  103. Logan Sanger

    Logan SangerUukausi sitten

    Higher air pressure means less natural foods so it is lower quality in bulk as well as food tastes worse in the air

  104. Mayravixx

    MayravixxUukausi sitten

    "1 in 5000 North Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue" That's just a shiny my guy.

  105. YokaiOne

    YokaiOneUukausi sitten

    I wish I could afford as many shots as times carson asks about the deal with airline food...

  106. Squidward with a gun

    Squidward with a gunUukausi sitten

    I was very much expecting him to go, "RAID SHADOW LEGENDS"

  107. LiquidEggShells

    LiquidEggShellsUukausi sitten

    5:58 it sounds like he's saying forbidden moth and that's my name in a lot of places. Scared the hell out of me

  108. DicoVEVO

    DicoVEVOUukausi sitten

    Changed the Thumbnail, Damn

  109. ZombieDasher

    ZombieDasherUukausi sitten

    the editor bit just reminds me of all the old game grumps clips with Barry

  110. Danny adams

    Danny adamsUukausi sitten

    I did have a minion fart gun ad before this vid

  111. noddwyd

    noddwydUukausi sitten

    Dragon City is just a crappier Dragonvale. I said it.